Galaxy Nails

chalkboardnails: “ Day Galaxy Nails China Glaze Liquid Leather China Glaze Happy Go Lucky Sinful Colors Dream On Zoya Tanzy China Glaze Skyscraper China Glaze Fairy Dust ”

Looks easy enough

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DIY Ombre Makeup for the Eyes, Lips and Nails from the Beauty Department. Ombre Cat Eye here. Ombre Lips here. Ombre Nails here.

This isn't very science-y but I want these nails. (annnddd I just told someone here Pearl Pearl Liu Wood I don't do my nails very much, ever!

northern lights hologram polish, yes please

northern lights nail polish, yes please! This reminds me of my love for the Northern Lights. I'd love to have these nails.

Black nails with metallic gradient (glitter looks to be copper, silver & gold - different sizes.) Maybe use a black JELLY! Great for NEW YEARS EVE!

Black, then sponge on a glittery blue, some purple and the yellow. Maybe add some green and then apply white/sliver dots or some glitter.

✨🌌 Galaxy nails 🌠✨I love these so much. They are über sparkly irl I wanted to try them again as its been a year since I last attempted this design. There is a video tutorial for this design on the.

butterfly like design

Love this Red Angel plate design using these foil polishes. Makes it look like water marbling.


Galaxy Nails, just use some glow in the dark nail polish and you've got some sweet freakin nails

Galaxy Nails- Tutorial. :)   I should totally do these next.

Galaxy Nail Tutorial