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    Thank you Mr. Bourdain - I agree with all this except you do not have to be 22, you can be any age!


    travel-quotes.... My daughter is a traveler always..

    every minute of it


    so true

    50 Favorite Travel Quotes: Visual and Vibrant. Photo via Down the Wrabbit Hole - The Travel Bucket List.

    How about a small inspirational quote somewhere? Maybe not this one exactly but something related to 'loving life'?

    "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius | Have you found your dream job?

    ...God is amazing how he puts people into place at the right time & location...

    Unstuck is about believing that change is for the better.

    I truly agree with this. Everyone has an opinion on my love life but honestly spend a day in my shoes and see what I go thru. Don't tell me i need to hurry and settle down if you don't know everything.

    Love wiz

    Le'ts talk about this.... If you're only part time in my life, then you are NO TIME in my life, I'm done with part time people, because I'm a full time friend!




    story. of. my. life.