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Easter Island, Chile

Milky Way Above Easter Island (June 18 2012) Image Credit & Copyright: Manel Soria Why were the statues on Easter Island built? No one is sure. What is sure is that over 800 large stone statues exist there. The Easter Island statues, stand, on the average, over twice as tall as a person and have over 200 times as much mass. Few specifics are known about the history or meaning of the unusual statues, but many believe that they were created about 500 years ago (...) #astronomy

The Moai “heads” on Easter Island have bodies. Because some of the statues are set deep into the ground, and because the heads are disproportionately large, many people tend to think of them as just big heads. But the bodies are there — in many cases, underground. What’s even more interesting — there are petroglyphs (rock markings) that have been preserved below the soil level, where they have been protected from erosion. Michael Massaro

Hand of the Desert, Atacama / Chile

Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar; stands 325 feet tall; covered with hundreds of gold plates; the top of the stupa (spire) is encrusted with 4531 diamonds, the largest of which is a 72-carat diamond; according to historical records, the pagoda is over 2,600 years old

Easter Island

Trails on this mountain by the lower Galilee lead to a cave-fortress, ruins of an ancient synagogue and, from the lookout atop the mountain, incredible views of almost all of Galilee, the Golan Heights and most of the Sea of Galilee.

The Terracotta Army, discovered in 1974 by some local villagers in Xi’an, China (by LeelooDallas).

Their "BLUE" Island! On This Island The Blues Are Playing Constantly From The Moon,The Trees,The Sand,The Water,EVERYTHING Plays and Sings The "BLUES",,,,Cristina Enjoys These Moments,,,,NOT Sad Blues,,,But Songs Of Warm Intimacy.

Capri, Italy

Hidden Beach on Marieta Islands, off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Giant Buddha, Leshan, China

Easter Island

Leshan, Sechuan, China

Trolltunga, Norway


Mano del Desierto, Atacama, Chile

Chile Country Flag