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What makes your soul happy? Do you know? Has it changed? Go find out and do it. What if our entire purpose is to actually do what makes our souls happy...

Add all of these beautiful rooms together and BOOM- my dream house!

A reading nook

35 Inspirational Quotes about Life

Quotes about letting go Holding on is to believe that you have a past but when you let go then it means that there is a future. People believe that holding on can make them strong but sometimes, yo…

Blue creates a sense of tranquility, serenity + peace by soothing the mind. Immerse yourself in blue to bring you back to feeling centred. Wear blue when you need confidence to speak your truth! Blue relates to the throat chakra

This could be a great solution since we have bifold doors right now, and one side can't close (cat litter boxes) and I want to be able to close the other side (water heater hiding) -plus the door that can close also gets in the way of the half bath door

Santuario Sajjangarh, Udaipur, Rajastan, India - by eduhhz, via Flickr

Great article on living with chronic illness 2014-06-10-a952e7cdd6350ea057f9662856c7d72f2.jpg