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Awwww siblings loving each other..

This is the ONLY kind of dog I'd ever have. And I'd spend all day squeeeeeeshing its face!

Lol I thought this was a seal at first and its ears were the seals flippers until I saw the legs and the 'm ode and I found out it was a upside down pug stupid me or crazy me

Love the tongue and bunny arms!

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beagle... one day i will have one. sammie if its a boy, daisy if its a girl. someone can get me one. i won't mind.

omg omg omg! here to find out more

Ok, if they try to arrest you, just go limp, like this. Are you ready to occupy blanket st now?

Random Pictures Of The Day - 47 Pics

This pup is so refined and elegant; wouldn't be surprised if she laps up English tea from her doggie bowl. Lol