FREE Getting To Know You Activity! Send the bags home with the children on the first day of school. Have students share their bags whenever you have a few minutes here and there throughout the 1st week.

All about me bag: beginning of the year I did this last year and the students loved it! Free printable

For kids that aren't paying attention.

Find Someone Who {FREEBIE}

Monday Made It {Beach Ball Activity} I made this and I just changed the questions. I found the ball at Target for about $1.50. Easy and inexpensive!

teacher binder ideas - DO THIS NEXT YEAR. awesomely organized

First Day of School Frame- she velcroed 1st on there so she can switch it out with 100th and last.

FHE! Tired of hearing, "That isn't fair!" This activity is a great way to help children understand that fair isn't when everyone gets the same's when everyone gets just what they need. All you'll need for this lesson is a big box of Band-Aids and some time for class discussion. Love the simplicity and impact of this lesson!

FREE Dolch Words & Phrases Book This is a black & white booklet I make for all of my students each year. It contains all 11 lists of the Dolch Sight Words plus the Dolch Phrases for the students to practice at home.

End of the year gift for students

Meet the Teacher...very cute letter and other beginning of the year printables


This sheet is one that can be used as a getting to know you game within the first few weeks of school. You simply give each kid a sheet and have them fill it out the answers to each question. For sharing you can have them do it in small groups or with the whole group. Great getting to know you game!!

greeting students

Figure Me Out! "All about me" math activity for beginning of the year.

All About Me Mini Poster Freebie

Getting to know you cube and many more activities for the beginning of the school year.

The Night Before School Jitter Glitter... love this! Hand out at Open House with a packet of glitter for families to do with their children prior to first day of school.

Hello english teacher. Your getting this when I graduate

first week?