Black Cat petunia.

Silver Laced Black Primrose

Black pansy

Black Iris

BLACK STRAWBERRY ~~~ must investigate this and see if its heirloom or what? anyone have any ideas?

Hibiscus - Black Rainbow

Black plants and flowers for a hauntingly dramatic and gothic garden!

Oxalis Versicolor

Black Velvet Petunia. Black petunias! A black petunia is like the dark lord of the Teletubbies. So cute.

Black columbine

Black Velvet Petunia

black irises

dracula orchid

The Diphylleia Grayi is a wonderfully unique flower whose petals turn clear as glass when it’s splattered with raindrops. Commonly referred to as the skeleton flower, it hails from the moist wooded mountainsides in the colder regions of China and Japan. The flowers come out in late spring, with large, fuzzy green, umbrella-like foliage topped […]

chinese lanterns for autumn blooms

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Wave petunias

Black Baccara rose

This is quite possibly the most beautiful flower i have ever seen! 25 Photos

Black Calla Lily