Black Cat petunia.

Black pansy


Silver Laced Black Primrose

Black Iris

Black Velvet Petunia. Absolutely gorgeous, lush flowers. Link has tips on cultivation as well.

Velvet Queen Sunflower. Magnificent flowers with velvety crimson petals and black hearts. The well-branched plants grow to 5-feet tall. Highly recommended. Plant from seed.

Hibiscus - Black Rainbow

Black Dahlia

Sunflower, Coconut Ice Hybrid

Black columbine

black iris

Pennie Black Baby Blue Eyes - Here is an annual that's "as pretty as a picture". There is an incessant parade of rich deep purple to black flowers with a a scalloped silvery-white edge.

Black Rose .... this very rare Black Rose is found in a region of Turkey called 'Halfeti'

I, just today, purchased a Black Onyx Helleborus plant. Am so excited to start my shade garden in the back for this fall.

the pitcher plant - looks like a butterfly!

The flower Aristolochia salvador platensis - skully flower!

iris siberica strawberry fair

Seed pods of Lunaria "Money Plant" This is very satisfying,taking the outer dirty cases off to reveal a moonshiney silkiness.

Sky Blue petunia

Black Beauty Rose