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This is a powerful piece of art about how Barbie is the symbol for girls of perfection, and how by holding this up to her face she can achieve it.

some days... control

10 Most Shocking Anti-Anorexia Campaigns - anorexia campaign - Oddee

Many of my days are this way now. My days had been full of happiness & love & joy, ..now i feel so many mixed emotions gloom, sadness, failure,  hurt, anger and feelings of being displeasing. I hold my pillow to my face to muffle my crying and outcrys. Miss him...

What I thought of influence in my youth aside from my grandparents and a few family favorites. Influential Vanity is cruel and brutal to its victim. I wept for many in my pillow to keep the silent scream in my chest hidden.


Items similar to Barbie inspired pop art painting x on Etsy

Don't deny it, don't suppress it. Don't guilt yourself for it. Feel it and be real in that.

They were lovers, both undergraduates. Toast of the school. The lovebirds that everybody knew in campus.

haircuts for long hair styles

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Fall Make Up Routine

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Wow, she sure has grown to be a beautiful lady. I love her hair cut, she really pulls this look off well and I love what she has to say here.

awesome quote about "what is sexy?" from emma watson I love this girl to death! This is who girls should be using as their role model

Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits by Wes Naman | Bored Panda

Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits by Wes Naman

When 10 People Wrap Faces in Scotch Tape! >> These absolutely stunning photographs were produced by Wes Naman. He originally attained the idea of this concept after watching his assistant, Joy Godfrey, apply a single piece of scotch tape to her face!

These 5 DIY hair masks are amazing. They will keep your hair shiny and beautiful without any toxic chemicals. Please share!

These 5 DIY hair masks are amazing. They will keep your hair shiny and beautiful without any toxic chemicals.

photo by Henri Manuel circa 1900 (repin with a credit, finally)

Singing his heart out to the Lord! Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth. Sing a new song to the LORD! Let the whole earth sing to the LORD!

Love these self-portrait narratives (especially Butterfly Mouth) by Kim Carrier (via PDN)

Texas-based photographer Kim Carrier has taken over 200 photographs of herself over the past five years.