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But now I have moved on and the day you want me back and the day you miss me will be the day I ignore you the day I ignore you the way you ignored me and you will feel the pain I felt and you will realize I was way more valuable then you thought!!! 😔❤️

Like that episode of Supernatural where the siren became a brotherly figure to lure in the boys!

First of all, this is totally me. My mom says I have cat feet. I walk around normal, and half the time people don't notice I just walked by. Also, the ghost part is a good writing prompt.

"Why don't we hit people? Because it's disrespectful. Oh, unless it's a child. Somehow, hitting a child teaches them respect. Because, you know, logic and stuff."

I always thought it's term was kneading!

I just want the You button back in general!

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to break down, fall apart just so you have grounds to start over, start fresh and rebuild. Either you'll come back stronger than ever or you'll begin a new journey.