Catalano Cabinets -

Proiezioni 1 or 3 tapholes. For wall-hung or sit on installation. Cabinet manufactured by INOVA

Washbasin 75 cm

Washbasin cm with 51 cm basin, arranged with 1 tap hole right or left and to wall. Wall-hung or laid-on installation.

Verso Venticinque 50.    25cm depth = 9.84 inches.    Many more beautiful products, but based in Italy so prob expensive.  Wrote email 3.17.13 to ask about shipping/pricing to U.S.

Catalano Verso Venticinque 50 Washbasin for wall-hung on 3 sides or sit on installation.

Catalano Projections 75 Washbasin & Double Drawer Cabinet - Rogerseller

Rogerseller offers a wide selection of Designer Bathroom Vanities, Cabinets & Mirrors.

Vasche da bagno e lavabi in Korakril, Vasca da bagno con cromoterapia

Detailed informations about product Accessories Shelves by Rexa Design with informations about addresses of retailers, picture galleries and different .

Catalano 180VP00  31x18  $674.25

Catalano 180VP00 Premium 80 Washbasin

Catalano 180VP00 31x18 $674.25

Catalano USA - The Essence of Ceramics

Catalano USA - The Essence of Ceramics

Greek bath waterfall done right

I think a bathtub with a shower thing like this would be pretty amazing. And if we could situate it against a wall, so you can do your thing. Oh yes.

Catalano Bathroom Fixtures at Bath Emporium in Toronto

Catalano Bathroom Fixtures at Bath Emporium in Toronto