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So I had a dream a while ago that liam Hemsworth was my boyfriend. I woke up brokenhearted because it was only a dream hahaha

Miley Cyrus and I apparently have similar taste in men

Liam hemsworth. Holy guacamole! When God made this man, he was showing off :D

Liam Hemsworth. The Hemsworth parents must be so proud... My kid made honor role! Oh yeah... my kids were in two blockbuster movies that came out this summer and have turned into the new Hollywood heart throbs. Nbd.

Liam Hemsworth- He's now officially taken and now officially broken the hearts of girls everywhere... Including me!

Yep for Em....posting for Em ;@). Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth. Yum. How is it that Miley Cyrus gets this piece of man candy to herself? It just ain't right. Haha.

Liam Hemsworth - I have no words...

cannot wait for the hunger games:] gale♥ just almost like I picture him