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  • Ina de Necker

    Use to go to drive-in Saturday nights when I was a kid.

  • Annie Carver

    Some of my best childhood memories are with my daddy at the drive in movies!

  • Carol Daly

    Remember outdoor movie theaters? They were so much fun when we were kids .... but also remembering the flip side of that coin .... they were darned hot all summer long (pre-A/C in cars, and you had to have the window open anyway, to bring these speakers into the car so you could hear the movie); and then there were the mosquitoes, so you had to burn these little squiggly-looking repellant things on the dashboard -- they didn't work, but doing something vs nothing, made everyone feel better :-)

  • Sharon Newell Holle

    Drive in movie theaters. Just heaven in summer. when we were kids we loved it when Mom and Dad would take us to the Drive In

  • cheri w

    Remember This? Speakers at the drive in movies.

  • Selena

    drivein movie speakers

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Drive In Speakers I lived by the 24 outdoor in Muskego.

Drive in movie speaker. Drive ins the best nights of your life!! There was a drive-in theatre on Riverside Drive.

Drive In. Wow, great memories here. There is still one where I live that opens each summer.

Drive-in movies. My parents would put us in our pajamas and load us into the "wayback" of the station wagon with pillows and blankets. We were much more interested in what we could get from the snack bar than we were in the movie, and were usually asleep long before the movie ended.

Cars Filling Lot at New Rancho Drive in Theater at Dusk Before the Start of the Feature Movie by Allan Grant

Drive In movies, Wearing our jammies to the drive in, playing on the playground equipment up front while we waited for it to get dark and then eating popcorn out of a greasy brown paper bag that Mom made before we left home.

The car, the drive in restaurants, the whole thing... Thinking of Bob's Big Boy after school almost every day..such fun memories!!

I love going to the drive-in. I wish I had a nice classic convertible to drive to make the experience even more fun.

Remember the library "check out" card? If you've even been IN a library lately - it's all scanned. But - really - doesn't everyone do this via Kindle now?

At the Drive In. So many memories...and more to make because they are still around here~

Drive-In speakers. Amazing these didn't crack more windows.

Vintage Toy from Fisher Price I used to play with this at my grandmas all the time!!!!