Lightning #

by Peyman Az on 500px / Moon

Lightning in Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eclipse from 35,000 feet

Thunderstorms, lightning, beauty of Nature, wild, powerful, intense, strong, photo b/w

Camille Seaman captures breathtaking pictures of Midwest twisters



"NATURE"~~Isn't she wonderful?

Raw power by Jorge Maia, via 500px

Lightning strikes Statute of Liberty



"Lazy Lightning"

Wide band of lightning strikes over ridge line silhouette. storm #lightning #lightning strikes #severe weather

Asperatus cloud wicked looking. If the sky was to turn like that where I live, I would Run

'Storms do past' At: (Accessed 23.10.14)


Lightning at Niagara Falls

Lightning strike!

Mother Nature is clearly good with water colours beautiful.....