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Kogeto Dot: Capture a 360 degree field of view with no stitching necessary! #Photography #iPhone #Panorama #Kogeto_Dot

Rode Ixy. Capturing high-quality audio with your iPhone or iPad without additional equipment is pretty much impossible. If you need to record crisp video voiceover, classic quotes from your buffoon of a boss, or even organize blackmail that will stand up to courtroom scrutiny, this 24-bit stereo microphone designed specifically for your iPhone & iPad is what you’ll want. $199

macro photography soft box trick - for small objects, just cut off the bottom from a plastic cup!

from PBteen

Jet Set Preppy Diamond Toiletry Bag

solar powered charger for iphone keychain!! I NEED THIS!

from Inhabitat

Remistudio's Massive Floating Ark Battles Rising Tides

Maison flottante du futur en forme de coquillage.

from Engadget

ROLLERtoaster: the best thing to happen to toasters since sliced bread

Roller Toaster by Jaren Goh, concept design and Winner of the 2006 Red Dot Award #Toaster #Jaren_Goh

Turn Your iPhone 4/4S to a Professional Grade Camera - 8x Zoom.

from Ubergizmo

iLoveHandles BARNACLE holds your iPhone 4 on smooth surfaces

Stocking stuffer

Impressive Examples of Architecture Photography #abstract #photography #architecture

from IaMW

The Movie Theater That Fits in Your Pocket

iphone projector