Fringe scarf.

The Bina - Multiple possibilities with just one item that fits right in your purse. How to wear it as a poncho.

This lady has a bunch of clothes refashions that are totally great ! It inspires me to want to try to do some!!

Tshirt recycling, the pinterest way.



Excellent use for all those old racing tires!! :-)

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DIY Scarf Organizer - #diy

bow back shirt- a how to

T-shirt Cutting Ideas Teen Summer Reading : Upcycled T-shirt Design ~ Enhance your fashion skills and create a unique new look from a cast-off tee or a plain white one. The winning designer will win a Teen Summer Reading prize. Check out our events page for an event @ a CML branch near you! Visit:

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Twine flowers - super easy, and super cute!

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Sandal dress up!