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  • Carla Pea
    Carla Pea • 3 years ago

    this woman hasnt enjoyed a good meal in years.

  • Gina Fette
    Gina Fette • 3 years ago

    For the women above,I can see why your so negative it's really sad, I love this look and she looks great!! rock the jeans!

  • Carla Pea
    Carla Pea • 3 years ago

    Im sorry Gina, im not upset at the model herself, just that the industry that thinks that this is normal. look at the model's ankles and wrist. they belong to a 7 year old, not a grown woman. her clothes are HANGING on her, her shirt and coat, her pants fit because they are size 12 GIRLS pants. not something a normal sized woman would wear. I dont abide by these industry standards.

  • Gina Fette
    Gina Fette • 3 years ago

    My wrist & ankles are exactly like that,I'm healthy and workout 6 days a week some people are just small framed and small boned just saying.......I don't judge.

  • Katie Knickerbocker
    Katie Knickerbocker • 24 weeks ago

    She looks fabulous! My wrists and ankles look exactly like this woman's. Blame the industry? The problem is women like you who perpetuate the skinny/fat shaming.

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