Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland - The most surreal and enchanting place I've ever been. If you are going to visit, make sure its a clear day with no fog!

Scenic Ireland-hopefully one day.

Ireland - Travel Guide and Travel Info ~ Tourist Destinations. Bunratty castle,Clare


Allihies, County Cork, Ireland - going to Ireland is one of the things Tim wants to do since it's part of his heritage!

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I've always wanted to go to Ireland. I've had quite a few friends who have been, and they always come back so excited about it. Plus I love an Irish accent :) Maybe London to Ireland. so much potential for this trip.

Visiting the Canary Islands

Visiting the Canary Islands

Visiting the Canary Islands (So Very) Pretty,Beatiful,Wonderful,Gorgus Colors, & (The BackGround) Etc:

Mohr Cliffs - Ireland

Mohr Cliffs - Ireland

swimming with horses!

I want to ride horses on the beach (on our next family vacation wherever that is), by August (in the next year). This would be incredibly fun to do. Riding on the beach would be so amazing.

im just a big dreamer i guess.

Set foot in all 7 continents North America - check :) South America Europe - check :) 1997 Asia Australia Africa Antarctica