Bunny rolls

Easter Bunny Dinner Rolls | The Homestead Survival

Recipe for Bunny Bread @Stephanie Close Close Fontana

"Bunny Buns"... so simple. Make or buy dough for dinner rolls. Snip twice with kitchen shears as shown. Poke deep holes for eyes and mouth with a skewer. Brush with egg wash. Bake. Recipe from Pampered Chef Consultant - Carol's Corner. https://www.facebook.com/PamperedChefConsultantCarolsCorner

Bunny rolls

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Awesome easter idea!

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Blueberry-dyed Easter eggs.


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Little nests for Easter.

Bunny Buns for Easter

Amazing! Bite sized, 8 minute cinnamon rolls! Perfect brunch appetizers!

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EASTER CHICKS LEMON COOKIES! Super simple and easy to make! Perfect for Easter!

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