summer in a jar _ maybe I should do this with my wedding flowers.

Quote Jar

Great idea for the dozens of dried roses I didn't know what to do with!

memories in a jar - I've seen these done for specific vacations/trips, but I like the idea of collecting different (related?) items from the past into a jar. Putting them in a jar would let me display them on shelves - and display them, period.

Display dried flowers in antique glass...good idea for saved roses, flowers from dances, love partners, weddings or funerals to remember <3

I made this as a kid and it literally sat on my mom's dresser for YEARS looking brand new. Definitely gonna have our kids make this for Christmas this year!

old jar

Ingenious Inkling: Memory Jar How to create a great gift or use on New Years to remember.

Dried roses displayed in a glass vase. So simple yet beautiful.

firefly jars

Display dried flowers by encasing them in a glass jar.

How to tint Mason jars.

jar ideas

TONS of mason jar craft idea, decorating and baking with them for gifts!

lace wrapped mason jars

What to do with all those Mason Jars


Upcycling and repurposing can save you a lot of money and make good use of junk around the home. Here are some DIY ideas for the things to never throw away.

Mason jars

fun for summers in the yard

Put dried flower petals in a mason jar! Perfect for those times when special flowers die & I'm sad to throw them out! :)