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  • Elizabeth Smith


  • Debbie Nania

    The Secret Garden - my favorite childhood book. The first novel I ever read

  • Cammie Jordan

    WORTH READING! The secret garden

  • Debbie Langone

    The secret garden - my all time favorite children's book. I read it as a teenager abs shared it with my children as well.

  • Bailey Pittman

    The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett love the movie and the book

  • Laura Laveglia

    Books for Girls: "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This is my favorite book!!! Would love to have a real "Secret Garden"!

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This is where I began to really feel my love of garden, earth, and things growing, thank you Frances :)

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I can remember the first time I ever saw this in theaters. Still brings me to tears every time I watch it. And plus I always wanted my own secret garden.

“The robin flew from his swinging spray of ivy on to the top of the wall and he opened his beak and sang a loud, lovely trill, merely to show off. Nothing in the world is quite as adorably lovely as a robin when he shows off - and they are nearly always doing it.” ― The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett,

The Secret Garden was my daughter's and my favorite book to read together. I think I read it to her at least three times!

The Secret Garden ~ one of my all-time faves ~ I re-read it often! Was one of the first "REAL" books that I read, I was 7 or 8.

from "The Secret Garden". I used to watch this movie when I was little and kept having this nagging sense that something about it was off, which scared me for no good reason. I can't remember what seemed off about it, though. I need to rewatch it.

The Secret Garden is a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It was initially published in serial format starting in the autumn of 1910, and was first published in its entirety in 1911. It is now one of Burnett's most popular novels, and is considered to be a classic of English children's literature.

The Secret Garden last movie i ever saw in theaters with my dad. i had no laughter and strove for no tears for a very long time. neither was well or right but neither am i. :P

The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett Misselthwaite Manor holds two mysteries, a strange unhappy crying in the night and a walled garden with a door locked and forgotten for ten years. On the day a robin shows Mary where the key lies buried, the Magic begins

The Penguin Thread series feature sculptural embossed book covers by illustrator Jillian Tamaki who created this sumptuous design with hand embroidery for Frances Hodgson Burnett‘s The Secret Garden