• victoria l outerbridge

    3D sidewalk chalk artists have the fantastic ability to fool the eye into seeing three dimensional objects on a completely flat surface. Have a look at this collection of 10 amazing 3D sidewalk chalk drawings and if you enjoy this kind of stuff, be sure to also check out the Incredible 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art post where we showcase the work of talented artist Edgar Mueller.

  • Wall Art Road

    3D street art by Edgar Mueller #wallartroad #chalkart

  • Nicole Romero

    3D sidewalkart

  • Klickn

    Incredible 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art. how is this even possible?! MIND..BLOWING!! #chalkart #sidewalkchalk #amazing

  • Dunken K Bliths

    When 3D street art becomes too realistic !!! #3dstreetart   #dunkpunked   #docklands   #art   #waterfall   #street   Animated by +Dunken K Bliths

  • Natalie Jones

    sidewalk chalk art illusions | Incredible 3D Sidewalk Art – Enpundit

  • Holly Thompson

    Fascinated by 3D chalk art. 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art: 4 of the World’s Most Talented Street Artists | DeMilked

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