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Bildresultat för kabarett berlin

Oscar Schlemmer: Costume for Triadic Ballet, 1922 Schlemmer (Sep. 1888 – was a German painter, sculptor and designer associated with the Bauhaus school. School was closed by Hitler for being too modern

Carnival model in black, white and red in front of a church door

Happy Halloween in Venice - Take your costume with you to face and overcome this night of fear! Trick or treat?

Xудожница Ася Козина в течение многих лет превращает белую бумагу в высочайшее искусство. Художница и мастер бумажной пластики Ася Козина родилась в…

Three girls in paper costumes from paper artist Asya Kozina. Stylized and exaggerated forms of traditional Mongolian costume by artist.


costume design Katarzyna Konieczka photography and style Katarzyna Widmanska model Alicja Sułek makeup Kasia Świebodzińska assistant Wojtek Kasprzak 不知怎麼 很令人印象深刻

Manteau long noir court devant avec manches evasees elegant aristocrate > STEAMPUNK STORY - PENTA031   Shop : www.steampunk-story.com

STEAMPUNK STORY BK Black long coat sort on the frotn with flared sleeves elegant aristocrat

vintage, I would love to put pictures on the wall!!!

walls, with a set of encyclopedias.with crumpled brown paper bags, was beautiful, looked like suede.