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Brisbane's Biggest Morning Tea with MY LIFE. MY STYLE - Entrance is free!

Brisbane Entrepreneur, Caryn Thomas, was proud to host 'Brisbane's Biggest Morning Tea' in 2012 and supporting the Cancer Council.

Biggest Morning Tea Themed Cupcake Set | par Sharon Wee Creations

Had less than 24 hours to bake, design and make everything. So I had no chance to take a good photo :(

Autumn baked goods

Gift your homemade breads with a little special something this Fall! Enjoy my bread wrap free printables + 25 free Fall printables made by my friends.

Monkey Needlepoint Wool Upholstery Stool

This poor creature appears to have the head of a small mandrill and the body of a large marmoset; I guess GMO is now a decorating trend.

imperiovida:  Welcome!!!! We rock… #streetsigns #comeonin #fun...

rebecca small business owner - Come In We're Awesome - Funny Retail Store or Restaurant Open Signage on Corrugated Plastic - Second Run after selling out

Rochelle Adonis, High Tea Perth

The gifted people at Rochelle Adonis create a decadent feast of cakes and confections that will close your eyes and widen your smile.

Drink more tea. That is all the advice you need.

The Only Way is Ethics - Lord Devotea's Tea Spouts

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. Lewis, I heart you