• Heidi Feldman

    Remember This is so spot on! Couldn't be further from the truth. Whomever typed in "Remember"... I'd like to add in my own .02 worth... Remember, but do not dwell on anything that had negative impacts on you. Of course you will not forget. But forgive & look ahead! Smile, laugh, live life positively!!! Be happy! HLF

  • Anna Wofford

    So true. I just have to remember this daily!

  • Jennifer Bruno

    I live by this..... EVERYONE has a story ... Don't judge by the outside... Try to think about what other people are experiencing in life or have experienced.... You may be surprised AND overwhelmed.

  • Jo

    Quote I live my life by

  • Sarah Kay

    I try to remember this before I judge someone because it's so easy to look down on others without knowing what they have been through. Be kind; it gets you further in life!!

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