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Jeeves and Wooster

Jeeves and Wooster

How about a bit of Jeeves and Wooster? Love them both independently, but always think of them as a duo.

Dash it, Jeeves! Why are we so funny?

Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry, younger. Funny without saying a word.

A Young Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Hugh Laurie in his youth

My dearest Hugh Laurie, for most it was House that made you a house hold name. Some might recognize you as that guy next to Rachel on the plane on Friends or even the bad guy in 101 Dalmatians. But as for me, Bertie Wooster is the man I fell in love with.

Stephen Fry does not look well with a fish-eye

Is this a herring I see before me? Alas, poor Harold, I will eat him.

Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.  Clearly Hugh has always been sarcastic.

Hugh Laurie (Actor/Comedian/Writer/Musician/Director) and Stephen Fry (Actor/Screenwriter/Author/Playwright/Journalist/Poet/Comedian/Television presenter/Director)

Laurie & Frey

Hugh Laurie as 'Bertie Wooster' and Stephen Fry as 'Jeeves' from the hugely popular "Jeeves and Wooster" BBC Series

Jeeves and Wooster

Jeeves and Wooster