Kelly Smith is a fashion illustrator, specialising in portraiture and beauty.

Illustration Ltd is proud to exclusively represent Kelly Smith, a professional Illustrator based in Germany. Kelly Smith specializes in fashion, beauty, pencil and graphic design illustrations.

Some useful tips suggestes by Ioana Avram about how to draw fashion sketches in pencil and markers: use pencils for contrast and Copic markers, ink or

I really want a fedora. I wish this outfit were on a real live person and not a sketch.

We adore the the sketches + illustrations of Inslee by Design! Her calendars are adorable for any fashion lover and she also offers custom illustrations. We adore the idea of a custom bridal sketch for a one-of-a-kind wedding gift.

#Kerrie Hess illustration

illustration by Kerrie Hess. There is mere suggestion of the background surroundings and create shape/form to narrative.

Elegant Illustrations by Kasia Jagielnicka

Kasia Jagielnicka is an artist from Poland who created amazing feminine drawings with elegant and intricate style. The delicate line art is just stunning in the epic portrayal.