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Sleep can be a huge pain (literally!) when you're pregnant. A good pregnancy pillow can make a world of difference!

The Best Pregnancy Pillow To Get Some Much-Needed Sleep (2017)

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Doctors in Spain performed transplants last year including kidney transplants, according to the health ministry's National Transplant Organisation (ONT).

The last thing anyone would expect when they go into surgery is to catch fire:  ‘Oops!’ is clearly insufficient’

Nurses announce support of proposed tax changes that have doctors fuming

Nearly a third of deaths worldwide each year are caused by conditions preventable with safe surgery, says a report by 25 leading medical experts from around the globe.

5 billion people don't have access to safe surgery, new study finds

Andy Leather, a co-author of the report, says it's a myth that most surgical procedures are too complicated to be supported by health-care systems in low- and middle-income nations.

I had the worst heartburn throughout both of my pregnancies, so I tried to gather up a variety of tricks, remedies, and safe medications to keep the burn at bay. Here we go!

Heartburn During Pregnancy

Tricks, Remedies and Safe Medications to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy — Pregnant Chicken. I had HORRID heart burn with Matthew. Hopefully not as bad the next time.

Tratamiento del cáncer de testículo

A new study finds myocardial injury is present in one out of seven noncardiac surgeries and is associated with an increased mortality risk independent of symptoms.

Dans l’attente de distribution de nourriture au Soudan du Sud (paru dans La Croix le 8 mars).

Les deux chemins, par Dominique Quinio

By Ronnie Cohen (Reuters Health) - Working as a surgeon in sub-Saharan Africa, Dr. Sherry Wren couldn’t help but wonder why so many more men than women sought her care. Her curiosity led her to ask.

Former surgical nurse says most hospital-acquired infections are preventable

2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Former Surgical Nurse Says Most Hospital-Acquired Infections Are Preventable. Handwashing is not the problem,.

Remember To Finish Your Pills

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acupressure points and foot reflexology for fertility

Fertility Massage: Self Massage Techniques For Uterus &Ovary

acupressure points and foot reflexology for fertility

This Specific Type Of Exercise Improves Men's Fertility

This Specific Type Of Exercise Improves Men's Fertility