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Healthy Foods

Promoting Healthy Eating for Children


Your Guide to Sugar

What healthy eating can do for you...

How to measure food using only your hand. Genius!! | via @SparkPeople

Eat less CRAP

Eat clean grocery list//

junk food is not really cheaper. Most of the aversion to cooking is just that - to cooking. Not to the food or the time or the calories or the money. People just want to relax instead of cook their food. Understandable... but at what cost?? Interesting NYT article.

Learn how to distinguish between good and bad fats in your foods by reading food labels and you will also learn how to determine if you reached the AHA recommended fat intake limit using a provided fat calculator. #Nutrition

Alkaline vs Acidic. Great chart! I have been eating a more alkaline diet, and I feel amazing! I have also lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks without limiting my food.

Eating time chart...timing is everything...

portion sizes

What to eat when....

What to eat when you have cravings

Clean Eating Do's & Dont's

Craving THIS? Eat THAT! | The Veggie Girl

Healthy eating!

Healthy Eating Snacks and Recipes [ ] #food #skinny #health

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