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Great front entrance: bright yellow, like a beam of light from the lamp over the door! Rayén vegan restaurant, calle Lope de Vega, Letras district, Madrid, by Eleni Karpatsi, Piquer and Julio Susana Calvo for DecorAcción 13 fair; image: Maria SJB.

If we assume that the food is as thoughtfully prepared as the interior, then the tacos must be something pretty delicious. Manifesto Futura describe the project as a difficult one, but their perseverance certainly paid off... Simple Facade

Bib & Tucker Brand Identity & Interior by End of Work is a restaurant and bar on Leighton Beach in Fremantle, Western Australian and is the latest venture by Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan.

WHAT'S ITALIANDIPITY? It's not always easy to use words to describe eagerness, emotions and feelings; there's a tendency to become banal and to use the limits of meaning to explain concepts that have no limits at all. ITALIANDIPITY IS ... ...