"Do you want to paint the white?" He asked. I signed at him that I would definitely ruin it if he put a paintbrush in my hands. "You will not." He shook his head. "I bet your hands are as graceful as your dancing, you've just never tried."

PICKMAN’S MODEL (HP Lovecraft) He wasn’t strictly human. Either he was born in strange shadow, or he’d found a way to unlock the forbidden gate. It’s all the same now, for he’s gone - back into the fabulous darkness he loved to haunt.


I was going to say "who on earth gets that much paint on their hands" . Then I looked at my own hand. I get that much paint on my hands.

( Open!) Margaret)) I stay after school to finish my art project. It's due in a few days and I want everything to be perfect. I mix together blue and green, trying to get the perfect color for the lake. Then from behind me I hear you say...

Harvard Project Zero's 8 Artist Habits of Mind (aka Studio Thinking) provides a great framework for planning your personal growth as an educator. If you haven't had the opportunity to reboot, retool and renew your own plans, there is

Artist - A Creative Soul

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this still wouldn't stop me from almost drinking the paint water tbh

Paint Water / Not Paint Water Mugs by Hallie Bateman – The Colossal Shop For anyone who's ever dunked their brush in the tea!


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Inspiration for a creative space for artists, creatives and even writers.

Basement organization: painted pegboard... love the color

150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home - DIY &...

The Vintage Glitter House: Kids Craft Area painted peg board with cool containers hanging from it -- also a great idea how to organize desk clutter

a little writer's cabin - featured on Living Vintage's Friday Favorites

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Pool House a little writer's cabin - featured on Living Vintage's Friday Favorites