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and you debate via text, IM and Skype with your friends over whether or not to add her, and the ruling ends up being to add her so your creeping job is easier.

happened too many times




My life


Pinterest Fail...this is me...all...the...time. But wouldn't you love to bury your face in this?

Omg hilarious.

yep. This is me.

My favorite commercial! Hahah

Don't tell me what to do! Lol


This is so true!! but why?!?! lol

Never Forget!

The face of a girl who's just discovered a wasps nest next to her while taking pictures. HAHAHAHAHA

I've always wanted one of those "So I heard you like bad boys" texts.. Would totally make my day. :)


absolute truth.

@Adrienne Rose Henry I hear your voice when I read "Where da boyz at? Where dem boyz?"