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    Soprano-Keyed Freeway at Hollywood Bowl by Clínica do Deficiente Musical #Illustration #LA #Freeway #Hooywood_Bowl

    "Best Friend"

    Low-Cal Margarita

    My Sh_t List Mug, $16, now featured on Fab.

    Happy Morning Toaster #Toaster

    True Fright Light Pomade need to get this for bert!!! its rootbeer scented!!!

    Enter your zip code and it tells you what you should plant and when!!....very helpful

    Add cornstarch to clear polish to get matte finish

    Deakin & Francis - The Elite 18K Gold Crowned Diamond Eye Skull Cufflinks

    Nintendo Controller Backpack

    Aqua FunNotes Word Search 3 Pack, waterproof for the shower....

    acoustic guitar dollhouse

    Book Tunnel at The Last Bookstore, LA has a book tunnel, a wave sculpture of books, tall pillars and even a 'wooly mammoth' head! Thanks to @Anthony Koithra! #Book_Tunnel #The_Last_Bookstore

    Lotion bars. Easy, cheap, excellent gifts. Like the ones they sell at Lush

    calendar birthday wrap

    Disposable flask!!!!! Multi Colors 10 Pack now featured on Fab.

    starry, starry nursery

    lace + skulls

    Ceramic Party Cup , it would be great to give this to hobes....reminds me of his collage tea bag tag in a to go cup full of rum.

    MOHZY Loop micro USB for iPad, iPod and iPhone (Mozhy-11204)

    Cherry wall paper that is cherry scented....mind blown.

    Tub Cleaner.

    Great for evening summer parties/camping! Cut a glow stick open, pour it in water! DIY nightlight!

    Put tissue paper in a mason jar, then a flameless candle (battery operated) and put lid on. Line your sidewalk or put on tables for an outdoor party.

    How to remove the cap from a Swiffer WetJet bottle (Step 1) and make the cap permanently reusable (Step 2). Refill with cleaner of your choice (Step 3)