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    • Chessa Heg

      Yup. Grinned my head off watching The Doctor on Christmas afternoon. My family definitely thought I was nuts.

    • Kristin Norwood

      Doctor who- I seriously do watch it with a grin on my face while my mother looks at me in a slightly concerned manner. (I don't have BBC America and watch the new Doctor episodes at my parents.)

    • Stefani Snyder

      Especially the Tenth Doctor ;-)

    • Sam Neely

      Especially the Eleventh Doctor ;-)

    • Robyn Cain

      I may have already pinned this, but I really do have a stupid grin on when I watch Doctor Who . . . Until he makes cry.

    • Sara Golden

      Happens every time. :P And people ask me why I'm smiling.. Duh! David Tennant is cute! Obviously!

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    Umm, how about 3 days later?

    If you don't know about The Doctor - betta' ask somebody!