Diamond tattoo

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond Tattoo. Interesting design, but would love something more original.

Random tattoos I had randomly saved on my computer - Imgur

Random tattoos I had randomly saved on my computer

The Greeks believed that diamonds were symbols of money, high quality lifestyles, purity, and increased strength. Just as many traditions have endured through the years, diamond tattoos are among them. The reasons men get them…

Faceted Diamond Tattoo by Alessandro Malossi

21 Expertly Executed Diamond Tattoos

Let's get matching diamond tattoos bc were two diamonds in the rough! Or at least I am.idk about you haha

MISS JULIET CRYSTAL HEART!! Dont tell mama tattoo studio Parma Italy!! http://www.facebook.com/missjuliettattoos?fref=ts

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