She is absolutely beautiful, her curves are something that I strive to have , she is a real work of art, I wish that models had her figure. Young girls this is REAL beauty not the size zeros you see in magazines.

dressed to impress, jay-escobar: this girl is fire

Plus size model... I hate that they refer us to "plus" size. All women should look like this. Be happy with yourself, your beautiful!

I wanted to mentions the old tlephone, but I must mention her instead: She is beautiful!

Voluptuous women can rock a bikini too

Could you tell me the name of this plus size model?

Curvy women fashion thebojay: Hot! SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wow…I need to buy this issue of Vogue Italia. judgmentofparis: Stunning plus-size model Tara Lynn, size 16, in a layout in the May 2012 issue of Italian Vanity Fair. Click here for more images from this shoot.

Fiona Falkiner On The Term 'Plus Size': “I have no qualms being called a plus-size model" - PLUS Model Mag

She is GORGEOUS! This is what a REAL woman looks like! She is like the perfect role model.

Wilhelmina Models - Jennifer Maitland...... Why isn't this promoted as beautiful??? She's goegeous, toned & not even close to a size 0. Why is this wrong according to society? We're raising our daughters to want almost unachievable body images & our sons to only want sticks who never eat....

swimsuit illustrated plus size girls | Plus Size Model Ashley Graham Shows Off Curves In The Sports ...

THIS is what I want: to be a healthy, somewhat toned size. Not the skinny with no muscle tone or natural curves that comes from starvation.

From my shoot today- I am in awe. Thank you @themanuc- you are a dream ❤️ Hair: @hisvintagetouch MUA @valentinaazulxo stylist @styledbyreah #tessholliday #plussizemodel #effyourbeautystandards

Curves ; In reality.. we can't all be skinny super models.. but for me, this.. this is realistic. :) She is gorgeous and she looks like a real woman. Not a 12 year old boy.

Jenn Purviance. Love yourself. No guilt. love yourself. No guilt. plus Size. Full figure. Curvy. Fashion. BBW. Curves. Accept your body. Body consciousness Fragyl Mari supports you!

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She is my all time favorite model and inspiration! Tattooed curvy women rule

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