Such a sweet idea...Definitely going to do this!

Need to do this with my kiddos baby things!

OMG I GOTTA DO THIS!!! I love how they pop out instead of the usual ones that have the sunk in look. Color Shape Ideas are endless.

My baby girl's shadow box

Baby shadow box a clock with the time they were born :]

What better way to honor your beloved furry family member than a #customframed shadowbox? #Art

Great photo idea!!

Baby shadow box...first outfit and paci, hospital bands, all ultrasound pics, pregnancy test, shower invite, pregnancy announcement, pic of baby

Kids room idea, tree with book shelves

Baby shadow box a clock with the time they were born :]

good idea....

Shadow box with babys stuff from the hospital...way better than sitting in a box somewhere.. but in green

great idea for keepsake

Great DIY idea for nursery decor with crayons in a shadowbox frame

Parenting tips & tricks

Amber and Lance's shadow box

Baby memory box

Birth shadow box - Such a good idea! All those little pieces are hard to keep up with!

Pet shadowbox ♥LOVE I think this is a sweet way to remember and honor. My friend made one, it is sad to lose a pup and nothing replaces them, but this is a very nice way to honor them and celebrate their life.

I soooo want to do this!!!!