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I LOVE turtles. more than anything. That is what I have considered for a tattoo believe it or not. Actually I think I already told you that :) -M

Our Triada Bollard is now available with an LED Amber lamp option, our first ever sea turtle-approved product! The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the DEP approved this new lamp for beachfront use, because it will not lure turtle hatchlings inland, and they can instead follow the moonlight back to the sea. Swim, little turtles, swim!

Green sea turtle. Overwhelming obsession with these guys

Sea Turtle Restoration Project UPDATE: California and Indonesia Launch Partnership to Save Endangered Sea Turtles! Historic Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Conservation Summit Held in Monterey www.seaturtles.or... The world's oceans face a mounting crisis of abuse and overuse--but you can help! Just by taking small, common-sense steps that reduce your impact, you join a growing movement of ocean awareness that's good for the ocean....and good for you.

@melly2508's sea turtle studs!! love these...

"Energy waves that are pulsing everybody are pushing people into all sorts of areas in themselves. The opportunity is expansion, but sometimes the story that accompanies what precedes your expansion is difficulty. Fear and extreme fear have come up for people in the last few weeks at a whole new level." --Lee Harris, July Energy Forecast