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Sugar water or apple juice in a milk jug will trap bees, wasps, and hornets.

Homemade Cleaning Remedies

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Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil doubles as a super effective mosquito repellent. And you won’t smell like bug repellent. - Camping Hacks

Another pinner says: Jet-Dry? You don't need that chemical-y stuff! Fill your dishwasher's rinse aid compartment with good old-fashioned white vinegar and I guarantee your dishes will be sparkling."

Homemade Wasp Trap

DIY:: Easy Bee Trap For Trapping Yellow Jackets & Hornets-This is Genius ! If I Had only Known Sooner !!

Non-toxic ways to clean your home. Great for people with allergies.

I like this idea. Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. Then, on New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year. Good way to keep things in perspective.


Interesting stuff. Might be worth trying some of it.

Homemade Fruit Fly and Ant Traps

surprise ants gone make them disappear overight

Get rid of fruit flies

Another way to get rid of wasps! Tried this yesterday and today wasps are gone!! lots of great tips here- brown bag simulates a wasp nest so they will avoid- check out rest of advice!

Homemade soap

This is so helpful! DIY Wasp/Bee Catcher 1) Cut the neck off a plastic pop bottle. 2) Remove the bottle cap and flip the neck upside down and place it in the bottle opening that you just cut. 3) Tape together using packing tape or duct tape. 4) Bait the trap. The easiest is sugar and water, but I've also read that meat works well in the spring and early summer because wasps are attracted to protein, or other options are sugar and water, water and vinegar, beer, soda, even laundry detergent. ...