Dik-dik antelope

slow loris

Beautiful fawn—thank you God for creating such incredible creatures

Stunning Red Fox


golden cocker retriever full grown, always looks like a puppy

**A dik dik

Sweet Baby Kirk’s Dik-dik Antelope - Tanzania, Africa

Eyelash Viper (by Tom Fiore on 500px)

Black Wildebeest

frogfish - big eyes you see are not really eyes! The eyes are actually on the sides if the head

Siatunga antelope



You go first.. I will be right behind you.. #baby #animal #photography #beautiful #captivating #creatures

This is a dik dik...unfortunate name, but so cute!!!! It's technically an antelope, but it's close enough to a deer. :) They can grow to anywhere from 8 inches to 16 inches and weigh 15-17 lbs. LOVE.

A calf.

The Royal Antelope is the world's smallest species of antelope, standing only 10-12 inches high as adults, and this little fawn is only about half of that height!