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    Despite a prominent underbite and a congenital deformity, this dog is proving that animals with special needs are still able to live lives full of love and happiness.

    rainy day pug

    I love this. A dog with 3 legs ran up to me today at the park with a ball in her mouth and she looked as happy as ever. I don't think I've ever met a sweeter or nicer dog. Her previous owners abandoned her after she fell out of a car and lost her leg. It broke my heart but to see her so happy was inspirational thank god someone has a heart for dogs who are a time in need! omg it's so sad that it has only 3 legs this why I hate cruelty to animals!

    Dog who is also a face mask. | 35 Dogs That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

    5 very interesting and short facts about bulldogs


    This is not a strange bird with many legs.this is a mother bird cuddles and protect the little ones from bird.Real love.

    I cannot deal with how cute this is. Pit bulls are the BEST dogs - look at his (her?) face!! If I witnessed this I would die! LOL

    Meet Oogy, Oogy Was About Ten Weeks Old And Weighed 20 Pounds He Was Tied To A Stake And Used As Bait For A Pit Bull. The Left Side Of His Face Including Most Of His Ear Was Torn Off. He Was Bitten So Hard A Piece Of His Lower Jaw Was Crushed. Afterward, He Was Thrown Into A Cage And Left To Bleed To Death. If You Have Time To Reblog Pointless Hipster Photos, You’ll Have Time To Reblog This, Respect For Oogy

    Cutest. Thing. Ever....love is love :)

    You're Lucky You're Just a Kid... golden lab puppy and cat

    Cuddling like humans…

    Fall in love

    .Totally melted my heart!!!.



    Horse and Dog Love

    Here are some kids who are doing things right.

    Bostons .. Boston terriers

    Gentlemen take notes.

    so adorable

    who me?

    Da baby