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The Basenji, sometimes called the "barkless" dog, originated in Africa and was known in ancient Egypt. Dogs of this breed are gentle and make loyal companions. My thanks go to the photographer who took this wonderful picture.

The Basenji- an African Sighthound that hunts not only with sight, but also sound. Cat-like in nature, they are very loyal companions, extremely smart, and they don't bark!

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Basenji, the barkless dog from ancient Egyptian times. It howls, growls, yodels, and makes other doggie noises.

Basenji-- i want  one  of  these soooo bad!

Basenji Origin- Democratic Republic of the Congo KC- Hound AKC- Hound

Basenji. They are members of the hound group. They are great hunters and companions. They stand at 16-17 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 22-24 pounds.

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Basenji, one of the most ancient dog breeds. Originates from eastern Asia Basenji)

Басенджи (фото): тихий охотник, веселый и энергичный друг   Смотри больше

Basenji Basenji Sunrise 2 by Adam Peariso, via - Miss our Jessie

Басенджи (фото): тихий охотник, веселый и энергичный друг   Смотри больше

Basenji, love these dogs, reminds me of my childhood days with "Celia's Red Puppy"

I miss my basenji!!

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