Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner - Hair and makeup love

Natalie Portman

Keira Knightly

Keira Knightley. love her hair... she can pull off any hairstyle. Ooh she is my favorite

emma watson

And my husband's celebrity crush: Kate Beckinsale ♥ I said if my profession depended on being so perfect, I would be. He reassures me my calloused hands are an achievement too. I admire her confidence and strong posture.

Jennifer Garner

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Amy Adams

Keira Knightley.

Love her. I got a pocket full of sunshine...

Jennifer Aniston

*Jennifer Garner- Saw her at Point Pleasant Foodland 2/13/14

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Garner | "Beauty comes from a life well lived."

Blake Lively. She gets to be in here because I just don't understand how a human can be this beautiful

Jennifer Garner

Cobie Smulders is one of the prettiest.

Goal is to be fit and strong like Jennifer garner in cool

Jennifer Garner