Pin the nail on the hammer. Construction Party Games

Pin the nail on the hammer. For the construction themed birthday party.

Hammering skills game

lots of cool ideas for construction party--pin the nail on the hammer, i dig being 3...

Play a fun game of pin the nail on the hammer at your next construction themed birthday

Construction party game - hammer golf tees into styrofoam!

Hammering station for a construction party..

Construction Party games - pin the arm on the crane.

Game idea. older games could include hammering in a nail the fastest, constructing the best birdhouse, toilet assembly , etc.

Construction party activities: Foam bricks to hammer plastic nails into & building blocks.

Pin the load on the dump truck. Construction theme birthday party

Creative Construction Themed Birthday Party - Click image to find more Holidays & Events Pinterest pins

Construction birthday party Refuel center... cute!"Let's follow each other so we both can get tons of great pins." Christy Tusing Borgeld

construction party

Cute Construction Birthday Party Game

Construction Party, decor, games and favors!

construction party

construction party

Great construction party ideas and games

Construction Party

Construction Party