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If Those Walls Could Talk

Ghosts of War. Blended image of a the exact street corner in Sperlingsberg, Germany during WWII compared to today. You can see a dead American soldier lying next to a cart as his comrades advance. In the distance you can see a tank.

Wolf’s Lair (Poland). 'The Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s headquarters during WWII, was so well designed that the Allies had no idea it existed until it was overrun by the Red Army in 1945. They might not have needed to had one of Hitler’s own men, Colonel Claus von Stauff enberg, been more successful in his bid to assassinate the Führer here six months earlier. The ramshackle location takes a little imagination to appreciate fully.'

Go West! (1942) The Russian people lost 25 million members in World War 2, but completely destroyed their oppressors ,the Third Reich.

#WWII. During the German occupation of The Netherlands people used a car without fuel because of shortages. In this picture a Ford V* is drawn by a horse. The spot that would usually holds the engine is now being used as the drivers' seat. Holland, The Hague, may 14th 1941