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Robertson Art Gallery

Electric Lemonade

Francisco de Zurbarán "Still-life with Lemons, Oranges and Rose"

*** by marasapego_photo, via Flickr

Tineke Stoffels Still Life with olives and lemons

Beauty and the Beast 2017 Belle's Outfits

Still Life with Bottles and Ivy Cuttings by Pita Vreugdenhil

Yup. I just realized there's gonna be a whole new generation of Star Wars fans they're gonna grow up watching 7, 8, 9, and rouge one. It makes me happy because Star Wars is still around but sad because they won't know Han Solo like we did and they won't know the pain of losing him or our beloved princess and general Carrie Fisher.

By Steve Gallagher. I think that this classes as bold shapes. I really like this glass still life photo because of all the colours that reflect off of the shape of the glass.

Guess that means for Sherlock's season 4 episode 2, the end scene took place on June 1st ☺. But I cried at the end "It is what it is"