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  • 1GXG

    ..this Harley is called "The One"...Harley Davidson will give you the basic engine but a company called "Fat Attack AG" will then make you this "Super Sports Bike" for $145,000 USD.....

  • William O'Neill

    Don't like the single arm sway bar design; Nice bike though.

  • Docsity EN

    Harley Davidson Fat Attack AG The Swiss-based custom bike maker, Fat Attack AG has surprisingly reduced the weight of the bike (around 60kg) that has increased the speed of the bike even it uses a 110HP engine. Truly, one of the most awesome bikes we’ve seen on the net we couldn’t agree more that *“The ONE”* will be a hit here in the U.S. $145,000.

  • Antonette Hansley

    custom motorcycles - Google Search

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