My bathtub has never been whiter!! Works great on glass shower doors too- no more soap residue! > NO WAY...we have ridiculous soap scum on our glass doors and I haaaaate cleaning them...going to give this a try! Martha Stewart's Tub Scrub--works better than any other cleaning product to get off hard water and soap residue

Unblock your drains without pouring harmful pollutants into the water system by pouring down 1 c of salt and 1/2 c of baking soda mixed together, followed by a kettle of boiling water. Can also use baking soda and white vinegar and boiling water.


Genius! Clean inside small bottles with hard to reach areas with rice, water, and a little soap.

Clean Green: DIY recipes for Natural Cleaning Products from Martha Stewart. Non-toxic and affordable. Fantastic!

I am getting my yard ready for summer and I definitely need to clean my outdoor furniture. Sounds like a great cleaning solution.

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Uses for everyday stuff pin now read later

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How to clean hairspray residue.

Lots of homemade cleaners, etc.. on this site. Can't wait to try the bathtub cleaner.

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Homemade oven cleaner

Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide stain removal. This gets stains out of anything. Put on, let sit, scrub and little and rinse. Perfect for wine stains.

67 Homemade, All-Natural Cleaning Recipes - GREAT collection of natural cleaning recipes

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Some of the best cleaning life hacks out there!

Pot and Pan cleaner. What You'll Need: 1/2 cup baking soda 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap 1 to 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide Scrub sponge

Your dishwasher washes all the food off your dishes. But who washes the dishwasher? You can, by pouring 1 cup of vinegar into the bottom of the tub and running it through a cycle without any dishes. Doing this once every month or two will remove built-up soap residue and keep it in squeaky clean shape.