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Cleaning your garbage disposal - slice wee lemon slices and put into ice cube trays, then pour vinegar right over the lemon. Freeze and then store them in a gallon freezer bag. Take one out a day and place in garbage disposal. No more stinky!

vinegar ice cubes garbage disposal deodorizer! who knew!?

Drop vinegar and lemon ice cubes into the garbage disposal and grind them up to clean out debris and sharpen the blades.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal With Lemon and Vinegar Ice Cubes… BRILLIANT

Vinegar as Garbage Disposal Deodorizer Deodorize a garbage disposal. Make vinegar ice cubes and feed them down the disposal. After grinding, run cold water through the drain.

Vinegar works great as a garbage disposal deodorizer, from Lisa Phillips-Barton Choe Simple.

If you're garbage disposal is smelling a little worse for wear, try these freshening ice cubes. Just add vinegar, leman slices, and water to an ice cube tray and let them freeze. When you feel the need to freshen up the sink, drop one or two in, and let the disposal grind them up. Keep a tray handy and say goodbye to odors in your sink!

Cube Tube: Ice cube tray redesigned, space saver

Use this lemon/vinegar ice cube trick to keep the disposal clean in the future.| 37 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Deep Clean

Tip: Make these garbage disposal cleaning cubes with your Thieves and leftover fruit. It sharpens and cleans the blades!