Like a graceless ballerina

Short People Problems

Short People Problem #146: uh, yup. can't even fight it.

So True! And then being laughed at by those out with you...

[This is why, when I make a bed, I usually stand up on it, to reach across more easily.] Short people problem #239: Trying to make a bed and not being able to reach across it.

short girl problems - Haha this happens to me all the time !

Short People Problems

Real marriage.


Just to make a few of my friends feel better who think they're short, even though they're not!

Short People Problems


I feel bad every time I sit in front of someone cause I can feel their eyes penetrating my skull! Sorry that I have tall genes? Nah, I like being tall :)

haha always!

Short Girl Problems

You don't say! :D this has happened wayyyyy to many times for me

All the time!


Short People Problems

Short People Problems