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  • Caitlin Christine

    Hair Chalking Dark Hair... Love the peacock colors!

  • Brittany M

    NEW: IT WORKS temporary brunette hair color. I just finished doing it, it works GREAT and I have DARK brown hair. wet the streak of hair, wet the chalk pastel, coat the wet hair with the wet pastel, flat iron or curling iron to seal color, hairspray to keep the curls or for extra seal............................... OLD: DOING THIS. Use oil pastels on sections of hair, then coat with hairspray. - Temporary color for brunettes.

  • Kerri McEnroe

    summer idea: hair chalking! must try...hopefully it works on dark hair

  • Molly Kjellesvig

    Hair chalking! Works best on light hair colors but also on dark hair! *Uses chalk to temporarily color hair. Lasts until you shampoo it out. Great for having fun with the kiddos, Halloween, and anytime you want some fun color!! [Not sure when/if I'll use this, but good to know!!]

  • SixCat Faerie

    LOVE. THIS. Hair chalking with oil pastels on dark hair. so simple.

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Sedan jag färgade håret rött har det gått igenom en massa olika färger.. rött-rött, koppar, dassig röd, rosa-röd, dassig koppar, grå-röd.. allt med diverse färgbomber. Innan idag vågade jag mig på Revlons färgbomb i Purple red, som jag känt mig lite feg...

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